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About me

About me

Hello! My name is Elias Beaumier, a dedicated Full-Stack Developer and Project Manager based in Angers, France. My journey in the realm of technology stems from a deep-seated passion for coding and an unquenchable thirst for continuous learning. I proficiently wield tools like React.js and Next.js to craft compelling web interfaces, while relying on Node.js and Express.js for robust backend development. Currently, I am fully immersed in working towards a Master's degree in Computer Science.


My path towards the tech industry was not a linear one. I initially dreamt of becoming a research professor and took up biology at the university after completing my scientific baccalaureate. However, my experiences did not align with my expectations, leading to abandonment. Yet, in the face of disappointment, I a in the audio-visual domain.


My journey involved capturing countless moments with my first point-and-shoot camera, mastering the art of editing on Adobe Photoshop, and delving into video editing with Final Cut Pro. These self-taught skills sparked an interest in the blend of creativity and technology.


After this detour into biology, a gap year further solidified my resolve to succeed in the tech industry. During this period, I gained valuable work experience in an agribusiness factory for nine months. Initially considering a study in audio-visual, I pivoted upon realizing that job prospects in this field were limited.


Following this transformative journey, I plunged into the world of Information Technology. This culminated in a Professional Bachelor's degree focused on the design and development of distributed applications. Today, I continue to advance my expertise through a Master's program in Full Stack Development, honing skills in Project Management.

Having worked in a range of organizations, both public and private, with sizes varying from a small team of three to expansive companies of over 9000+ employees, I have honed my adaptability to thrive in diverse. Additionally, I have always taken on interim work during my school vacations.

What draws me to development is its unique blend of creativity, logic, and problem-solving. I relish the challenges it presents, enjoying the process of delving deep into research to unearth solutions. Each obstacle is a rewarding puzzle, a challenge that I am eager to tackle.


In terms of my preferred tech stack, it includes:

  • Front-End: NextJS
  • Back-End: NodeJS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • CSS: TailwindCSS

These tools have the power to translate any creative idea into a tangible digital reality. Next.js, an open-source web development framework built atop Node.js, offers functionalities such as server-side rendering and static website generation for React-based web applications.

My work oscillates between great pleasure and occasional frustration. Each project, however, presents an for growth and learning. If you have any queries or are interested in a possible collaboration, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact form.


On a personal note, I harbor a dream of extensive traveling, with a particular fascination for the United States. I wish to immerse myself in the English language and culture, while also aiming to explore the various corners of our fascinating world.


Beyond the professional realm, my interests extend to physical activities and sports as well. I have an affinity for racquet sports, having spent about six years playing tennis at a club and engaging in games of badminton and ping-pong. Additionally, I've dedicated several years to strength training in a gym, which I believe is a testament to my tenacity, discipline, and competitive spirit.


Music, films, and series form an integral part of my leisure activities. You're welcome to visit the Music page to listen to my Spotify playlists and check out the Movies & Series page to discover the films and series I recommend.

Last Update on May 2024